Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my happy ending for me & family~~~

Lagi baper ari je nak masuk 2010..

so, tibe la mase untuk 'goodbye to 2009!'
anyway, hujung tahun 2009 ni bnyak mberi makne untuk kami adik-beradik..
and not forgetting, my family...

SAYE: alhamdulillah.. result exam meningkat.. berbaloi2 la dgn usahe yg xtaw nak ckp mcm mane laa..

ZATY (adik): dpt 4.00 utk sem ni.. tgal lg 1sem untuk die abiskan foundation.. dan trus ke Medic Fac, yg xjauh dari fakulti ksygan sy tu..hihi

SHAFIQ (adik): dpt 7A 1B utk PMR.. memang xsangke langsung.. sbb die ni pmalas mcm sy, kaka nye ni.. mungkin ni rezeki die.. sy pon tumpang eppy.. ;)

LAILA (adik): dapat 5A untuk UPSR.. die ni sy xpelik laa..sbb die memang rajin mcm kaka die yg Zaty tu.. tapi die ni lak brangan2 nak msuk fakulti muzik bile besa ke.. tgok je laa..

Ape yg best nye, keputusan exam kami adik beradik same je.. dulu, kini dan.. selamenye (mungkin...) contohnye, UPSR, kami adik bradik sume dpt 5A.. yg penting, PMR pon same.. (kecuali adik yg last, laila tu la..sbb die lom amik exam PMR lg) sumenye 7A 1B, saye, zaty & shafiq.. tapi ape yg 'B' tu la yg mbezakan kami..hihi...

Ape2 pon, saye sgt2 bsyukur dgn ape yg Allah da bagi untuk kami adik beradik... walaupon ada kalanya, kite tlupe kan Dia, Dia still ingat bagi rezeki kat kite.. Alhamdulillah.... dan mudah-mudahan kite akan berusaha untuk jadi lebih baik, dari mase ke semase...


Friday, October 30, 2009


bonjour ;)
hey, everyone... it's quite a long 'pause' since my last post..
u know what, i luv to share something with u guys today...

  • 10&11oct : AdFest @ Gambang, Pahang
  • ........... : assignments bla bla bla
  • 19oct : Media Law group presentation
  • 21oct : Advertising Management presentation
  • 22-24oct : AdAsia @ KLCC
  • 26oct : Creative Advertising (final campaign)
  • 27oct : PSA Shooting bla bla bla
  • 28oct : PSA Comm Change (final presentation)
  • 29oct : International Advertising (final campaign)
  • 30oct : Media Planning final
  • 31oct : Creative Advertising final
  • 1 Nov : Special Topics in Adv final
  • 5 Nov : Media Law final
  • 7 Nov : Media Planning (final presentation)
  • 9 Nov : International Ad final
  • 9 Nov : International Ad deadline
  • 10Nov : Creative Advertising assgnment deadline
  • onwards : am FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This my class schedule (2 weeks before we end our hectic semester). What'ya think?

SEE! am not lying when I said "I'm BZ!" and for that reason, i hate those words such as:-

" ke ko bz ni?"

"ko saje je kan buat2 bz.."

"kitowang lagi a bz..!"

"tak kan a ko bz sgt smpai mcm tu skali.."
or maybe..

"org laenn pon bz jugak.. ade tu..ade ni.. bla bla bla.."
(well, it might be true but ur bz-ness might not as X-treme as ours!)

and the last one

"waaa..jeles aa.. tgk ko xbz..."
(i don't put any hatred on this one but i think it's am not BZ?? definitely a propa! by the time, u see me relax.. it doesn't mean FOREVER.. it's just for a sec of life, i guess... so, don't have to be jealous of me dear.. u've spotted a wrong a person ;D )

For my Advertising classmates... we're alike in our different ways.. maybe we don't realize it..but others find it "YES!" ... bcz we're strong, we're here..

Proud of u and proud of us.. bcz we still have time to reward ourselves with LOTS OF FUN eventhough DEADLINES are just our row of neighbours...

"STRESS: hey, we say NO!" ;)
too lil time... but we're still those delegates at ADASIA ;p

too lil time... but we're always available for the 'SNAP!'

too lil time... but we're still the talents for our own ad!

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Rose of Tissue...!

Friday 14 August 09

1.30 p.m

Barra Restaurant,

Commercial Centre-Shah Alam

I juz reached commercial centre around 1.15 after waiting for about almost 1 hour for the 604 bus.. I don't know what and where to eat.. then, I'm thinkin of Ayam Goreng Barra..hmm..delicious! so, I decide to just having lunch there... I'm alone..and I don't mind of being alone.. I consider it as a 'ME' time for myself!

Suddenly, a guy stopped at my table.. he put something on my table.. i thought it might be a rubbish! I just ignore him till he walked away.. Anyway, it's not a rubbish.. but...

People might think EXTRAORDINARY is kinda exaggerate..but I think it's GREAT!

He left his phone num together with the 'tissue flower' (erm..i guess that's the rite name ;p) but.. i just left it on the table before I go.. ermm..because I don't think that I'm goin' to call him ;p If he really wants to be friend with me.. then, he'll should start it 1st.. definitely not ME!

So.. moral of the creative if u wanna approach a girl (especially those from advertising..ehemm..ehemmm..) Well.. because advertising is so called for the 'creativity' and of course the creativity part is also listed in the criteria of seeking for a HOT guy! :p

Watch this vid.. then u know how we ladies really appreciate those creativities :D

p/s: I think it's CREATIVE + CUTE! :D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


  1. I watch Twilight everyday (except if i'm bz..i'll stop for not more than 3 days)

  2. I can memorize most of the dialogues (it's classic and I luv it! Try me if u dare then... :D)

  3. I'll check Robsessed blog everyday for latest updates

  4. I'm thinking of Twilight each and every second

  5. I listen to Bella's Lullaby-Carter Burwell before I sleep (dreamin' of being next Bella ;P)

  6. When the thunderstorm coming.. I imagine that the vampires are playing baseball ;p

  7. I read the whole novels (till Breaking Dawn) and still can't get enough.. heee

  8. Everything that I do is inspired by Twilight...huhu

  9. I'll do research on vampires... watch other vampires' movie & read novels by Anne Rice

  10. I'm using Twilight soundtrax as my mobile ringtone...

  11. I wish that I'll marry a 'white-man'.. heheee

  12. Whenever it's raining and cold.. I feel that I'm now in Forks

  13. Now, I realize that a guy who can play Piano is so adorable... anyone??

  14. I'm sooo excited when people start talking about Twilight... ;p

  15. and... I am soooo in luv with Rob Pattinson... he is so IRRESISTABLE!

~He's like a Drug to me... Like my OWN PERSONAL BRAND OF HEROIN~

(pic creditted to Robsessed blog.. TQ)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Can't Hardly Wait....

New Moon will be officially released on 20th Nov 09 in New York
26th NOV 09 will be the release date for New Moon in Malaysia!
I can't hardly wait to see this GUY...
and get OBSESSED... again.. again...
and again...!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

OMG! I'm soooo PROUD!

Director: Yasmin Ahmad

Agency: Leo Burnett, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Do u know that the vid u watched juz now is actually the...


But.... Unfortunately, we had lost our very talented ADVERTISING ICON too early :'(

Rest in Peace...

Yasmin Ahmad (1958-2009)


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm In Luv... with whom..?? Wanna know...??

Hi there.. hows life goin' on there.. i mean after the convocation? now, turn ON ur flashback-minded.. rewind back to the post that I've mentioned that I'm not a movie type.. where totally lost when it comes to the topic of 'MOVIE'... in my view, I just seek for the ending part of the story; either it is a fairy-tale happily ever after thing.. or maybe a tragic sad story with tissues in our hands.. yup, thats what MOVIE really meant to me-the ending part.. not more than that.. but waitt! the good-looking actors will be the bonus point also..(ngee~~)

But my thought of MOVIE..was really changed after I watched this movie.. although it's too late to make-up on something that was already 'basi'.. huhh.. I dun mind at all.. Satisfaction is what I'm seeking for and yeah..I got it! Frankly, I dun eva get bored watching this movie.. 5tymes a day! for a person that so not into movies like me.. it's such a big surprise! For a person who can't hardly wait to know the ending of the story.. It's totally weird to hear that she keeps on repeating the same movie (the same ending for sure)...

TWILIGHT! this is where my craziness lies.. For the first tyme, I'm sooo in luv with movie.. the story line was very good.. not like an ordinary love story...that full of flowers and is more to action-adventure-sweet-modern love story.. The Cullens were great loving vampires happy family.. I like Alice Cullen..the personality and her style.. Edward Cullen? OMG! He's my heartthrob.. I dun like Edward bcuz of the look at the first place (to mention again; the look is the bonus for him..hihi~).. but it is more to how protective he is to Bella.. and not forget to credit on the romantic moments.. the eyes..the smile.. owh..seems like Timberlake had found his rival..hihihi..

I've seen the New Moon's trailer.. the next adventure of Twilight is going to be great.. with warewolves.. owwwoooouuu!! but not sure whether it can replace Twilight in me.. As what I've read thru the New Moon synopsis; Edward will leave Bella and the Cullens will move to a new place far from Forks..and this makes Bella depressed for months and get close to Jacob.. but she still luv Edward.. I have a feeling that I'm going to bring tissues for the New Moon.. sob..sob..sob..

Anyway guys.. juz wait for it this November.. quite a long way to go huhh...
Anyway.. I think that's all from me for now... Good luck for the Final result kayh.. May it will be as nice as a New Moon for the next new semester.... See u later.. Happy Hols ;)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tolong Jawab Survey Ni.... Leh tak..??

Aku ni seorg yg penuh dengan tande tnye.. Mcm aku da bgtaw dlm previous post..yg aku ni jenis yg curiosity-loaded orangnye.. So, kat sini, sepanjang cuti semester ni..disebabkan aku takde wat ape2.. tak keje pon.. Makin banyak la tanda tanye dlm otak aku ni.. Aku harap siape yg bace post ni.. plz la jwb solan2 ni.. Disebabkan ni qualitative survey(ecehh!).. ia memerlukan jawapan yg jujur sejujur2 nya dr korg yg mnjawab...

  1. Nape laa susah sgt dapat keje (wlaupon part tyme je) skang ni..?
  2. Bile aku terlalu bz ngn asgment yg melambak2..nape org tak faham..tak percaye?
  3. Bile aku kate aku btol2 sgt2 takde duit.. nape org mcm tak percaye...? (tekanan a cmni!!!)
  4. Bile aku kate aku btol2 sgt2 takde duit.. nape org tak paham2 a...?(tekanan a cmni!!!)
  5. Nape org suka pertikaikan kite yg amik Mass Comm ni..? Low-class sgt ke ha??!!

Lima solan je la utk kali ni.. jawab eh.. Walawpon solan ni simple je.. Tapi jwpannye tak se simple solannye.. jawab la btol2.. dgn jujur.. Sbb da byk kali aku cube cri jwapan utk solan2 ni.. tapi tak jumpe2 pon.. tolongla jwb eh.. Aku memng tak senang kalau tak dapat jawapan2 ni..

Kerjasama anda amatlah diperlukan.. TQ :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Beauty With Bargain...

Ok.. back to the topic.. Ha, ari ni aku nak bkongsi tips2 untuk rambut yg cantik (chantekk ke?)..haha.. Tp yg penting memg jimat.. Aku ni sebenarnye agak boros orgnye.. Tapi disebabkan ujung2 sem ni, eco meleset..kene la berjimat..hihi

Aku memg selalu gune syampoo ni.. Loreal Elseve Smooth Intense Ultra-Rich.. Ala yg eva longoria dok sibuk promote2 tawu je la kan.. hrge mhal sikit la.. dlm RM15 lebih kurang/each.. Pastu untuk org yg pemalas mcm aku ni.. memg aku cuci rmbot xgune conditioner pon.. xde mase a babe.. Bile pkai syampoo ni,without conditioner, rambot jd keras sikit, kering pastu kusut sikit a.. So, kenela pkai ng serum die untuk hasil tbaik..ecehhh.. hrge serum mase aku bli RM24.90..tu pon sbb ade dscount kowt.. btw, serum die memng bgus n tahan lama.. tapi.. Sape je yg rajin sgt nak bersyampoo pastu nk apply serum n ape2 treatment lg ntah.. nak2 tyme2 bz.. memng TAK la kan.. !

Tapi jgn risau.. aku da jmpe 1 syampoo yg menjimatkan, rambot jd lembut, lurus, licin.. haa..ape lg..? senang ckp memg bgus a..hahah.. Discovery ni pon di buat, kebetulan je.. sbb aku tlupe nak bli syampoo.. malas nak ptah alik.. nampak 7-E je.. terus singgah.. LOREAL? memng TAK la kan dlm 7-E.. Last2 aku amik je syampoo ni (tu pon botol kecik je, sbb nak testing)...... Ta-Daa....

Ye..inilah syampoo yang dimaksudkan.. Inilah yg Dikatakan Pink Power..haha.. Tapi aku suggest syampoo ni bukan sebab Warnenye.. Tapi sbb Hasilnye..
Sila lah kongsi jenama syampoo kowang gunakan.. Mungkin bnyk lg info yg bleh dikongsi... sbb Kecantikan Itu Milik Setiap Insan... Percaya laa...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Nape lah Aku Diberi Fizikal yg Macam Ni :'(

Statement kt atas ni.. bukan kerana aku tak bersyukur atas ape yg diberi.. tapi kadang2 rase malu sgt2.. rase sedih.. xtaw lagi nak ckp macam mane..

Nape la aku ni selalu jadi bahan ejeken org..? padahal aku rase aku sgt low-profile orgnye.. buat hal aku sendiri.. xdepon nak carik pasal ngn orang.. Aku selalu dengar.. selau nampak... org ejek2 bdn aku.. aku tawu la aku xsesempurna mcm org lain..

Byk kali mcm tu.. Aku MALU sangat2 ...nape la aku diberikan fizikal yg mcm ni.. yg jadi bahan ejekan org.. Kdg2 depan org ramai.. Kena gelak2.. Xtawu la mcm mane nak gambarkan perasaan tu.. Malu..? Marah..? Sedih..? Ntahla.. sumenye bercampur..

Tak terniat langsung untuk ade prasaan tidak berSYUKUR.. tapi aku pon manusia biasa.. ade hati..ade prasaan.. Kepada org yg suke gelak2 kan org lain tu.. ejek2 fizikal org lain.. sedar la.. diri korang tu sebenanye lg TERUK..lagi BURUK!!!

Air mate ni mengalir..sebab..kata2 yg ditulis pada hari ni sgt jujur..ikhlas.. dari hati yg sgt sakit dan sgt malu...! Seriously, Im not joking...

CASH Vs. SAFETY... Yg Mane 1..???

Kol 9 lebih p.m..
24th April 2009 (Friday)
Bus Stop dpn Unisel yg lepas Shell

Waktu ni..aku baru alik dari discussion dgn pipy, zaety, lan & amar..kat Khulafah..blakang unisel.. aku alik naik cab.. so, aku pon bjalan menuju ke bus stop.. waktu tu gelap..sbb area tu mcm xbyk lampu..waktu tu jugak la bnyk sgt kreta.. takut jugak..sbb aku sorg je yg jalan kat situ..

Kalau org kcau2 aku buat2 xnampak je laa.. tapi yg aku takot mase aku tgh jalan tu..ade 1 kete savvy warne merah., plat xpasan la plak..sbb aku ni rabun..hahaha.. kete ni dr start aku jalan smpai nk g bus stop, die asik ikot je.. aku da isau da.. xtau nak wat per.. nasib la waktu tu ade aku call kwn aku..xlame pastu kete tu pon bla..


Tibe2 ade teksi.. aku pon tahan laa.. sbb da la gelap..xde org lak tu kat situ.. takot la kan.. teksi tu pon brenti.. aku pon cpat2 la msuk dlm teksi.. aku ckp nk g pusat komersial.. pastu die kate.. xlalu sane lak.. die menghale ke PKNS.. aku mintak tlg jugak pakcik tu hntr g pust komersial.. die kate tak leh gak.. Aku pon dgn geramnye.. kua sambil slam the door aa.. ape lg!

Nsib baik xlame pastu ade bas Seranas.. bsyukur sgt2..

Hmm.. dari ape yg blaku mlm tu.. aku dapat rasekan yg org kite ni lebih pentingkan duit kn..? yes, in certain case.. material is needed! but when it comes to deal with LIFE & SAFETY!! nuthings more precious rite..

Aku pon tpkir.. nape la pakcik teksi tu tak pkir klu la anak2/sedare2/adik2 die ade mlm2 kt bus stop mcm tu, sorang2 lak tu.. mintak tolong sgt2 hntr alik umah.. tapi takde sape2 yg nak tolong.. camne agaknye prasaan die kn..? die xbace ke surat khbar ke..sane sini kes rogol, bunuh, culik, ragut.. ngerinye nak sebutkan 1 persatu.. yg penting..kbanyakannye berlaku xjauh pon dari area2 kite ni ha.. sngup pulak la duit tambang teksi seciput tu yg dikejarkan sgt.. pdhal aku da mintk tlg hntr aku kt pusat komersial.. leh lak die ckp nak g PKNS jugak.. adooii..

Nasib baik la xjadi ape2 kat aku... kalau la ade ape2 yg berlaku.. dan aku xmenulis dlm blog ni lagi... dan waktu tu, muke aku tpampang kat surat khbar.. haa.. mungkin pakcik tu akan kate " budak ari tu ni.." mungkin waktu tu baru die tpikir betape TINGGI nye nilai NYAWA & KESELAMATAN...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

SYABAS.... ANDA terrrrTIPU...!!!

Hye sume.. article kali ni memg sesuai sgt untuk kowang2 yg terlau mem bangga kan Ralph Luren Polo-T kowang tu.. yg penting... ORI ke..? haa.. meh sini
kite cek same2..
  1. LOGO- logo yg ori warna2 benang die, blend cantik je.. yg x ori tu, ade la terselit benang2 putih cikit.. hiks.. jimat benang gamaknye.. haha
  2. BUTTONS- yg ORI, button die tebal n warne betol2 putih, bukan kekuning-kuningan okies.. tp yg penting kat sini.. button yg ORI xde tulis Ralph Lauren or POLO kayh.. haa.. skang tgok la buttons kt polo-T kowang tu.. ORI ke kekdahnye..? hihi
  3. SLEEVES- Tgok je la sbelah ni..
  4. COLLAR- Yg xORI, collar die keras tapi taleh stands still.. ala.. cm kowg yg suke naikkan kolar baju tu kan.. yg X ORI taleh nak stands still.. walaupon keras.
Tapi skang ni da ade imitation ORI grade A.. mahal sikit kot dlm rm40.. tp tetap x ORI..hiks.. harge yg ori, paling murah pon (yg ade logo kuda kecik seco'et tu) harge die RM360.. haa.. ambik ko.. rasakan..

Bg pendapat aku la kan.. ori x ori ni.. bukan sume org perasan pon.. n bukan sume org tawu.. yg penting personaliti and care pmbawakan diri si pemakai.. kadang2 kite pkai mahal cmne ori mane pon.. org ingat tu tak Ori.. kadang2 bju rm10 pon nampak gah sgt, mcm beli kt Topshop or maybe Zara.. haa.. yg penting, jadila diri sendiri kayh.. biakan je ape org kate kayh.. kerana.. Diriku Begitu Berharga.. ahaks.. Maybelline sgt... dan yg paling penting.. Ukurlah Baju di Badan Sendiri... maknenye: ikot kemampuan la ye..

Monday, April 6, 2009

MUST READ: to UiTM student gurlz

Kejadian ni dah berlaku 2x kat aku.. dan aku nak share ngn kowang2 k...

Kejadian 1:
kat tepi PKNS... mase tu aku nak g bus stop.. nak alik fac.. tibe2 ade 1 lelaki yg agak tua.. dlm lingkungan umo 40 ke 50 kot.. bangsa..? xtau la.. yg pasti die bukan org Malaysia.. berkulit gelap.. bnyk uban..hahaha.. lelaki tu dtg kat aku.. die introduce diri die sbg lecturer UIA.. die tnye aku (dlm english aku translate kn k..) mcm mane die nak g Intekma hotel dr pkns.. sbb die ade meeting esoknye kt situ.. aku tunjuk je la jln.. then, die kate die xbape, die tnye aku free x.. sbb die nk ajak aku skali tunjuk jalan g intekma.. ish..aku da rase xsedap a.. pastu aku ckp la aku tgh tgu kwn aku n nk trus g claz.. pastu akupon trus bla je..
waktu tu x pkir ape2 la kn.. cume berhati2 je la..

Kejadian 2:
kat SACC.. dpn GUESS boutique..dlm 2 weeks pas kjadian ptame.. yg aku ingt mse tu GUESS ade wat up to 60% discounts..hehe..mase tu aku ondway nk g mkn kt secret recipe.. laki yg same jugak dtg kt aku.. introduce yg die lecturer UIA.. aku layan je la ape die merepek tu.. sbb aku nak tau asal die ade kt area s.alam.. around lunch hour..die tnye la aku student ke.. aku ckp la aku student mscomm..amik advert (nak jugakk..)... then, die ckp "mass comm students are really brave.." hah? brave..? apakah maksudnye tu..? then..die ckp die aja psychology.. die beriye2 ajak aku tmankan die mkn.. tapi cm bese..ayat aku same gak la.. nak tgu kwn..

Ermm.. ape kowg rase bile bace kjadian2 ni..? mesti ade sumthg kan.. ntah2 die saje je ckp die lecturer tapi x pon.. or mybe die memg lecturer tp die aim dak2 uitm.. hmm.. tataw laa..
kowang pkir la sdri.. yg penting, lelaki ni pantang tgk pmpuan sorg2 kot.. pastu aku rase die ni memg suke bkeliaran kt area shah alam..
Beware kayh darling... Take care...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Zakiah Anas...?

Korg rase btol ke ni Zakiah Anas...? Or super-impose...? Neway, I adore her much...

Ya Allah.. Anda kata ini Balasan Untuk Aku yg Sering Lupa kepada Mu.. Aku Terima...

Manusia selalu lupa... Terutamanya apabila dikurniakan kesenangan, xkisah la dlm bentuk ape skali pon.. Aku Manusia biasa... Yg sering Lupa.. Makin Hari, makin aku lupa dari mana dtgnya segala kesihatan dan kesenangan yg diberikan... Aku semakin angkuh dan semakin jarang aku menadah tangan berdoa kepada Mu, Ya Allah...

Tolong la aku ya Allah... Tingkatkan kesabaranku... Permudahkan segala urusanku.. Jadikan lah aku seorang Manusia yg bertanggungjawab dan berdisiplin... Sedarkan lah aku dari segala kelalaianku...

Andai kata ini ujian dari Mu.. untuk sedarkan diri ku.. Aku terima ya Allah...
Sungguh aku amat berharap... Untuk menjadi semakin baik dari hari ke hari....
Tolong la hamba mu yang lemah ini, Ya Allah....

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


aku tension btol a ari ni.. mlm td tido kol 4 siapkan ad compilation... sbb aku baru tawu kne hntr ad compilation tu ari ni.. aku ingt after stdy wix... aku memg skip clas research pg ni.. pastu skip clas copywriting kol 1 ni... da 2 clas aku skip!!! sbb aku ingt nk hntr ad compilation tu kol 4 ni... ape yg lebih membengangkan aku sbb.. clas kol 4 ni cancel!!!! OMG!!!!! da la tu... radio ad yg da disiapkan dari last wik ade kat aku...supposed hntr ari ni.. aku punye a snggup skip bnyk clas ari ni..sbb nak siapkan compilation ad.. pastu clas cancel then asgment group delay hntar!!! arggghhhh.... aku wat keje sia2 je spnjg mlm td!!!!!

ape yg lebih membengangkan aku ialah... NYAMUK!!! habis gatal2 bdn aku.. sambil wat keje, sambil garu je.. tak tahan aaa.... da mcm2 ubt nymuk aku try.. yg letrik, manual, spray..? juz name it! aku TENSION btol sgt2 ni... tekanan gile2 aaaaaaaa!!!!!! Tolong a pergi jauh2 dari hidup aku wahai nyamuk! aku xkacau hidup ko.. ko xpayah la kacau hidup aku..!!! aku da ckup tension da skang niiiii!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


HULU SELANGOR: Seorang wanita bukan setakat dirogol, malah lehernya dijerut sebelum mayatnya digantung dalam keadaan separuh bogel pada dahan sebatang pokok durian.

Ketika ditemui seorang mekanik kira-kira jam 7.50 pagi di sebuah dusun di Kampung Sungai Choh di sini, semalam, mangsa hanya memakai coli putih dengan seluar dalam yang sedikit terlucut.

Difahamkan, pembunuh sengaja menggantung mayat wanita berusia awal 20-an itu bagi mengelirukan polis seolah-olah mangsa membunuh diri.

Bagaimanapun, penemuan kesan tapak kaki, sebotol arak, beberapa tiket bas dan calar pada paha mangsa memberi petunjuk kemungkinan wanita dirogol sebelum dijerut dan digantung.

Tak sanggup rasenye bace berita atas ni.. da la xbrape nak jauh dari uma aku..huhh.. takot betol2.. risau sgt2 kat adik2 kat uma tu... laki ke pmpuan ke.. bahaya nya same je... bile kite bace berita atas ni.. kite dapat bygkan situasi pmpuan tu.. seksa sgt die kan... ditambah lg dgn bahan2 bukti yg dijumpai.. TIKET BAS.. sebak sngat.. mane agak nye hala tuju die yg sebenar... tapi akhirnye jd mangse manusia yg selayaknye aku gelarkan BINATANG!

Ape la agaknye perasaan family die bile terima berita mcm ni... tapi kat sini aku nak komen sikit.. aku rase xpuas hati la bile tgk surat khabar metro td.. kalau sape2 yg bace, mesti perasan kan gamba 2org polis yg mngangkat mayat tu sambil ngn muke tersenyum2.. aiii.. sronok ke nak masuk paper, pakcik oiii..? senyum2 jugak tapi pkirkan la ape prasaan keluarge si mati bile tgk gmbar mcm ni.. front page pulak tuh... suppose filter la dulu..image Malaysia kot.. lagipon dengar2 polis Malaysia, antare Polis TERBAIKK dunia... ye ke..? tapi nak tanye.. TERBAIK tak di sisi Allah mase kat Akhirat nanti...? Wallahualam..

Renung2 kan..

Selamat Beramal..huhu...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm Sorry If I Hurt U...

These few weeks memang hectic gile.. bnyk bende nak kne settle.. dgn report la..research laa..presentation la.. test la.. ish.. bnyak lg tu.. letih rasenye nak list down semua... Deadline xpayah ckp la.. memang dekat2 sume nye kak joyah oi.. smpai pening nak mule yg mane dulu.. Nasib baik la jiwa & raga aku ni memg kat Advertising.. Susah mcm mane pon.. Redah je.. It's tough but fun..

Dlm keadaan otak aku penuh dgn asgment dan sentiase memikirkan idea yg xbrape nak kreatif tu... ade la beberape pihak yg aku abaikan.. huhh.. irrespponsible sgt..

Ptama skali.. Selalu abaikan tanggungjawab kepada si Pencipta
Kedua... Family sbb da jarang alik uma & spend mase same2...
Ketiga... Kawan2 sbb bile diorang ajak kua je, mesti time tu aku nak siapkan keje..
Keempat... My BELUVED laa.. kurang kasih syg katenye..huhhh..
Kelima... Bilik kesygan aku.. bile bz, trus jd bersepah bilik.. Tapi pastu kemas alik taww...

Kepada mereka yang telah aku abaikan kebelakangan ni... Mintak maaf banyak2.. sebab terlau banyak yang nak dikejar.. sampai ade yg tpakse ditinggalkan sementara.. OOPSS.. tapi tgungjawab aku sbgai hamba di muka bumi ni, memang tak patut aku abaikan.. tapi ape kan daya.. kite manusia biase yg terlampau banyak kelemahan nya... tapi ape pon setiap kelemahan boleh diubah.. asal ia ikhlas dari hati & diri kite sendiri yg mahukan perubahan...hmmm...

K la ..ape2 pon.. buat mereka yg telah aku abaikan tanpa sengaja.. aku nak bgtaw. kalian sume tetap di hati & sentiase disayangi.. ecehhh..hihi.. Nite... Shweet dream..ngee..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Totally ME... Imagination is Always Beyond Wut U've Seen..!

Out of all the sixth senses clairvoyance is probably the most mentioned in the mainstream. If you are clairvoyant (clear seeing), this means sight is your sixth sense. Often, this type of person is attracted to very visual things, like art, bright colors or light.

We're guessing that things come easier to you when you can physically see them, whether it's a chart for science class or a photo from a fashion magazine. When it comes to your inner voice, clairvoyants often "see" what will happen next in a particular situation or experience very vivid scenes that involve the future. For instance, your inner voice may show you the place where you meet your next sweetie.

It's kinda like having a crystal ball, but in your mind...

10 Things U Should Know About PINX!

Setiap org ade perkara pelik yg tak semua org tawu.. mcm tu jugak la aku.. semakin lame kite hidup kat muka bumi ciptaan Allah ni.. semakin banyak yang kite belajar... dan semakin kite sedar ape itu kehidupan... xcukup dgn hanye book smart.. street smart pon perlu jugak...

Ok la.. ari ni blogger sume sgt bertuah.. sbb aku akan mendedahkan pkara2 pelik tntang diri aku... kalah expose mistik tau..hihi... tapi.. xsemua la perlu di exposekn.. still ade rahsia yg tetap menjadi rahsia antara aku dan Maha Pencipta-ku..


  1. Curiosities-loaded type of girl
  2. Having Fun is always ME!
  3. Hate Conservatives
  4. Dun like watching Movies
  5. Not wearing accessories (except:earing/hairband)
  6. Won't work in a same team with my Close Fwenz
  7. Clazmates won't be my Ouzmates
  8. NO Special Boyfwen in a same field (it'z OK, I found my LUV already..hihi)
  9. TAK BOLEH tido kalau tutup lampu... (pelik kan..)
  10. Sangat2 geli ngan kucing... dengar suara kucing pon xleh... PELIK TAPI BENAR
Sebenanye kalau ikotkan bnyak lg yang pelik2 & pantang larang yg pelik2 yg korang xtawu.. tapi rasenye cukup la smpai 10... OK la.. rasenye tu je nak cite.. nak sambung wat keje alik ni..huhu... tata.. titi... tutu...

Friday, March 13, 2009


They can be the best COMPANY-ion,
They also can be our GREATEST ENEMY-ion

At the front,
They share our TEARS,
At the back...?
Yup, they are still sharing...
Share our FEARS with others,
What does it DEAREST??

Pretend that u CARE for me,
Trying to make me feel so LUCKY...
of having a friend like u beside me...
That's u...!
Revealling my story to everybody..
But still..
Prove that u are so TRUSTWORTHY...
Is it by spreading my story..

Enough wif the HYPOCRITE smile..
That fooled me all this while...
It's OK dear..
U've got nuthin' to worry
U are not anymore a FRIEND to me!

Anyway buddies..
Not all of U are like these
But I;ve found most of the species
Yes, it's really TRUE...
Where I've found MAJORITY of u...

Ya Allah...
Thanx for WAKE me up
BUILD me up
Change me..
From time to time...
Thanx 4 always be wif me...

Here I am...
Writing about me & YOU...
To tell YOU that...
In me...
There is no more YOU!

*Based on TRUE story
Based on TRUE event
Based on TRUE experiences
(where the truth lies beneath...)


Salam.. ni la first time seumur hidup aku tulis blog... janggal sangat2 rasenye... hmm.. tapi tak salah untuk mencuba... ape org kate.. belum cuba, belum tau kan...hihi...ape2 pon.. ari ni dimulakan dengan berita gembire.. gembire untuk aku dan semestinye family aku.. Mungkin ade yg bosan da nak bace or dengar cite nih.. ye la.. dari dlm claz td.. aku asik cite je..huhu.. over excited lak tibe2.. hmmm.. mcm ni laa.. nak dimulakan cite.. ari ni result SPM kua.. adik aku salah sorang calonnya untuk tawun 2008 kat MRSM Kepala Batas,Penang... Nor Izaty namenye... Alhamdulillah.. result die sgt buatkan aku epy.. dari rase nak demam terus jadi sihat... 8A 1B.. tu la hasil dari usaha nye..(yg sememangnye berganda2 rajin dr akaknye ni..hahaha).. aku epy sgt mcm la aku yg amik SPM..hikhik... Ape2 pon.. congratz sis.. Thanx sbb wat mama n ayah epy sgt2 ari ni... i'm epy 4u.. U deserve it, sis.. Make a rite choice.. Leads a brite future.. Remember Allah always... Trust ME.. u'll always be brilliant as wut u deserve to be.. Take care then... Luv ya..

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