Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oh, my REAL 23...but VIRTUAL surprises!

Last April 29th,

I'm officially became member of 23 CLUB!
following my other buddies ;)

OK! I'm 23 nowwww!!!!

The BEST part of my 23 was...

167 on my FB wall
1 in my PM
20 in my cell-INBOX
9 sweetly FACE to FACE..hee ;D

o-o, I've got Birthday gifts too.. and they're all VIRTUALS!...sweet cupcakes from Zaki, my junior.. @Jacko Produce...

...aww.. DAZZLE me plz, Rob ;) this from my Hungary's friend, @Ildi Csmr.... p/s: I've got this one as my lappie w/paper u knoww... it's soo luvly... thanx babe *hugs*

HEY, I've got a luvly Birthday Song and HOT vid!

...specially dedicated by my classmate/xoxo friend, @MH Ayie Sohaimi from PUALAM band...

...this from my Indonesian friend, @Poppi Dwi Mutiara D thanx babe ;) ...
p/s: 500pcs of ROB?? oh God, I'm BLINK-LESS & BREATH-LESS!

Thanx everyone ;)
I appreciate all these damn much ...
Age is just a number..
but u guys make it a LUCKY one!

Thanx *luvs* *hugs* *kisses*

Thursday, April 29, 2010

before I END my 22... and everythings END!

There are sooo many
END today!
Could u plz count them for me??

And tell me after u read this till
END, plzzz...
Actually, I don’t know where to start and...
where to END !
Well... should I tell the story till the
Or should I just END it now? Oh plz NO!
U’re too high-
END-ly sweet and...
I don’t want u to be left-END-unanswered,
so, I END up sharing some here, okie!

U know what, today I just END my academic writing
Finally the hectic found its END! Yeayyy :D
Then, I got back my END less –fave part 3 ad-compilation
Still remember??

that magazines cut-END-paste tuuu... heee :D
Okiee, next??
My laundry bag finally meet her Mr. Wash-spin-dry.

Okie now, how bout still in-
END-progress thingy?

Finals END ..
Semesters END ..
Check-in hours in Sec7 PUKOM also going to END ...

Aww.. i hate to
END all these END u knowww...
How bout U???

I’m dead-END sad and scareddd!
Oopps it’s only about 5 hours to END-of-today
The END of my super bittersweet 22!
Who knows, this might be the
END ...
But plz not for the
END of all these luvly relationships :’(
I still don’t wanna
But if it’s already fated to be the
I should END it now..
with my thoughts...
With my of course,
END-less wordsss...
I luv all of U till the END.
Okie, it’s
The END.

*I wrote this while listening to Boyz-2-Men-
END of the road. The song is so luvly, that I feel like END up in grateful tears*


...this my ACADEMIC WRITING front cover...

...awww..this for u, my ADVISOR...

...remember this ONE?...

...yeayyy, I got this one FINALLY...

...but lucky me... I got it for TWO!...

these are all those stuffs that happened to me... a day before I END my 22...

Thanx ya Allah, for giving me the 23...

I'll make BETTER than previous numbers...

Insya-ALLAH.... ;)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Try Sleeping with Broken Heart!

, I was!
and still, YES I am!

"Have u ever sleep with a broken-heart?
well, u can try sleep in my bed...."

yeah, I know that's the latest from Keys
top of my playlist currently!
but please.. there's nothing to do with lovey-dovey stuffs
it's beyond the 'broken-hearted' thingy...

it's about RESPECT
it's about PRIVACY

that comes from...

tons of HARDWORK
millions of EFFORTS
trillions of kJoule SPENT
non-stop of SECONDS used

but the most important part...


claim your FRIEND's work as yours!
while your FRIEND knew nothing about it!
no call...
nor SMS...
not even a single WORD!
who the hell you think your FRIEND is???

"ala..dia xkan tawu ni.."
or maybe...
"kalau dia tawu pon, die xkisah kot..."

u forgot 1 thing that u supposedly SHOULDN'T!
THE ALMIGHTY is always there..

if your FRIEND knew it from u, it's BETTER...
your FRIEND found out on the 'KANTOI' scene!
oh-oh! UNEXPECTED, is it?

what an entertaining drama..
great story-line
talented star & co-star


I've got a message from your beluved FRIEND

"""""congrats u guys... BOTH OF U did a wonderful job! it was the BEST REALITY SHOW that I've ever watched. One of the reason is... it's not even on AIR! lucky I am for being the first and only audience! U know what, your show was fucking GREAT, that I've wasted PILES OF TEARS whenever I roll-back the scenes! Hey friends, I think we need a lil' celebration since your SHOW was damn SUPERB! aaahh, c'mon my CELEBRITIES, let's have a lil chill like we usually did... remember??? aww.. shit! I forgot something DEARY! maybe we should postpone our CHILLY-THINGY stuffs for a while.. I've got a lot
of THINGS to do.. hope u understand, coz I'm just as GODDAMN BUSY as what u've told me EARLIER! LOL :D awww...don't get mad at me plz! OK OK, how bout vaccay?? remember, you SHOWED a brochure when we ACCIDENTALLY met at the printing house.. yeah, that vaccay BROCHURE! I CRIED u know when I flip thru the BROCHURE... all I can say is "YA ALLAH, DON'T LET THE TEARS FALL NOW! NOT NOW PLZ!!.." when I first saw that BROCHURE in your hands! *crying again*. what??? u still not remember which BROCHURE? It's okie darlingsss, I've got a COPY of mine... hope U'll remeber kayh? this is the ONLY BROCHURE THAT MAKES ME NON-STOP CRYING FOR 2 OR 3 DAYS..ah, it's NOT A MATTER to u, rite?... and u know what, when I wrote u this.. I STILL HAVE THAT BROCHURE IN MY HANDS.. owh I just can't put it off! and the worst part.. I'M STILL CRYING....""

my last word:

HOW COULD U...????

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

yes, it's my RESUME

Weirdooo is it..?
The so-called resume supposed to be formally written (typed)
But mine (ours), it seems totally DIFFERENT!
But by hook or by crook, we have to prepare our resume that way!

When we asked whether is it OK for us to prepare it in usual way?

The only answer we got was this:

*slow-mo + cynical :D*

"Are U applying for the Education Program?"
(Prof Madya Abd. Rahim Salleh, UiTM MassComm Advertising Head of Program-2010)

As U look at my resume, I already blurred my address and phone number
It's too private to reveal OK!
Plus, there must be also the 'un-welcome'


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hectics of Ours!

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Hey there, hey everyone!

How's life goin'on?

Me here, everything is going well... am now in Part5. Meaning there's only 1 semester to go before my second GRADUATION! Life's like always... Busy, busy and always busy! But luckily we only have 7 subjects, compared to last semester.. 9 subjects!!!

Even there are only 7 subjects (only??).lol. Deadlines are alwaysss be our BFF, always there for us most days in a week! If deadlines are our BFF, McDonald’s are our best BFF gath-place this semester (in fact, every!

We are those ‘bats’... but oops, I’m the ‘vampire bat’ *giggle* because night is our already-fixed-working-hours. In our team, we pose ourselves with different2 tasks..

Amy-she’s the one who come out with the whole theme/concept of the campaign

Syana- she’s in Media side, forecast all the budget and she’s our slides-artist too :)

Qiela: she’s our newbie, help with the designs and good strategies

Me: My part is the text-related tasks like creating catchy headline, copies and a bit on design

Qiela (black tudung), Amy (short hair), Syana (pink tudung), ME (pink lappie)

Overall, advertising is all about IDEAS... Seriously, we’ve NO IDEA where are those f-ing brilliant IDEAS had gone during the days. They are supposed to be beautifully sparkling rite, at days?? Heee... well, it’s different with night-spending at McDonald’s. Ta-ra-ppa-pa-pa~~

Munch, munch, munch, slrrpp, munch (infinity-ly)

Fries, fries, fries, coke, fries, gossip-ing, fries, coke.....



Most Value-for-Money Meal..since we stay there from dinner to supper and till breakfast!

Nah, that’s how we got those ideas! LIAR?? No Way! That’s the truth, man! Idea is not easily out-of-the-thin-air nor sooo theoretically from the text-books! It’s all from everyone and everything around us... Like me myself, ideas could ‘blink’ when I’m queue-ing for the meal, watching people pass-by, scanning at the meal-menu and even watching the staffs tidy-up our table. See, ideas are everywhere! So now, stop of being Butterfly-Dreamer, but be a very smart ‘Butterfly-Catcher’!

Be a 'Butterfly-Catcher', be a non-stop refilling 'Coffee-Drinker'. It's a KICKSTART!

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