Friday, August 14, 2009

A Rose of Tissue...!

Friday 14 August 09

1.30 p.m

Barra Restaurant,

Commercial Centre-Shah Alam

I juz reached commercial centre around 1.15 after waiting for about almost 1 hour for the 604 bus.. I don't know what and where to eat.. then, I'm thinkin of Ayam Goreng Barra..hmm..delicious! so, I decide to just having lunch there... I'm alone..and I don't mind of being alone.. I consider it as a 'ME' time for myself!

Suddenly, a guy stopped at my table.. he put something on my table.. i thought it might be a rubbish! I just ignore him till he walked away.. Anyway, it's not a rubbish.. but...

People might think EXTRAORDINARY is kinda exaggerate..but I think it's GREAT!

He left his phone num together with the 'tissue flower' (erm..i guess that's the rite name ;p) but.. i just left it on the table before I go.. ermm..because I don't think that I'm goin' to call him ;p If he really wants to be friend with me.. then, he'll should start it 1st.. definitely not ME!

So.. moral of the creative if u wanna approach a girl (especially those from advertising..ehemm..ehemmm..) Well.. because advertising is so called for the 'creativity' and of course the creativity part is also listed in the criteria of seeking for a HOT guy! :p

Watch this vid.. then u know how we ladies really appreciate those creativities :D

p/s: I think it's CREATIVE + CUTE! :D


  1. hehe..menarik...biase la owg lawa msti dpt rose..hehehe..
    teringat dlu ade gak bdk wat cmtu kt aku tp bkn bg rose tissue..die tulis number kt tissue je..hahahah...

  2. hahaha
    bkn lawa..lawax a weiii..
    tu a pasal..mule2 aku ingt sampah..
    bgus2.. creative.. i loikee ;)

  3. gosh. thats hot ! :)

  4. Wahahah..Gud job ar that i think he must be 'romeo' ar coz kwn i yg konon gentleman oso know how to make the 'rose tissue'..hihiks! A word of advice, care nk ngorat Ina, haruslah ade element PUFFERY! br Ina suke, kan ling kan?? :p

  5. hahaha..btol tu ling..
    i suke statement u..
    haruslaaa.. ape ingt snang ke nk ngorat2 stdnt adv?? hehhe *konon2 demand..:P*
    haruslaa kene ade...
    kann..? kannn? hehehe :P

  6. huhu...dapat rose tisu:) lg ok dr resit..hhihihiih:)


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