Wednesday, August 12, 2009


  1. I watch Twilight everyday (except if i'm bz..i'll stop for not more than 3 days)

  2. I can memorize most of the dialogues (it's classic and I luv it! Try me if u dare then... :D)

  3. I'll check Robsessed blog everyday for latest updates

  4. I'm thinking of Twilight each and every second

  5. I listen to Bella's Lullaby-Carter Burwell before I sleep (dreamin' of being next Bella ;P)

  6. When the thunderstorm coming.. I imagine that the vampires are playing baseball ;p

  7. I read the whole novels (till Breaking Dawn) and still can't get enough.. heee

  8. Everything that I do is inspired by Twilight...huhu

  9. I'll do research on vampires... watch other vampires' movie & read novels by Anne Rice

  10. I'm using Twilight soundtrax as my mobile ringtone...

  11. I wish that I'll marry a 'white-man'.. heheee

  12. Whenever it's raining and cold.. I feel that I'm now in Forks

  13. Now, I realize that a guy who can play Piano is so adorable... anyone??

  14. I'm sooo excited when people start talking about Twilight... ;p

  15. and... I am soooo in luv with Rob Pattinson... he is so IRRESISTABLE!

~He's like a Drug to me... Like my OWN PERSONAL BRAND OF HEROIN~

(pic creditted to Robsessed blog.. TQ)


  1. hehe this is a great post, <3 crazyness. Who doesn't check robsessed now? lol. It's the only Rob/twi site I check out now. What about you?

  2. yeah.. but i've few other websites...
    like adorkable pattinson etc..
    but still, robsessed is the most


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