Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Totally ME... Imagination is Always Beyond Wut U've Seen..!

Out of all the sixth senses clairvoyance is probably the most mentioned in the mainstream. If you are clairvoyant (clear seeing), this means sight is your sixth sense. Often, this type of person is attracted to very visual things, like art, bright colors or light.

We're guessing that things come easier to you when you can physically see them, whether it's a chart for science class or a photo from a fashion magazine. When it comes to your inner voice, clairvoyants often "see" what will happen next in a particular situation or experience very vivid scenes that involve the future. For instance, your inner voice may show you the place where you meet your next sweetie.

It's kinda like having a crystal ball, but in your mind...


  1. wehee... i am following you ina! hehe

  2. haha.mcm nak sama dgn tagline lama blog aku.

    Just Another Tomorrow : I See and You Dont.

    p/s : human preceive what they want by looking thru their mere eyes.but they dont really know what lies behind and beneath it.


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