Friday, October 30, 2009


bonjour ;)
hey, everyone... it's quite a long 'pause' since my last post..
u know what, i luv to share something with u guys today...

  • 10&11oct : AdFest @ Gambang, Pahang
  • ........... : assignments bla bla bla
  • 19oct : Media Law group presentation
  • 21oct : Advertising Management presentation
  • 22-24oct : AdAsia @ KLCC
  • 26oct : Creative Advertising (final campaign)
  • 27oct : PSA Shooting bla bla bla
  • 28oct : PSA Comm Change (final presentation)
  • 29oct : International Advertising (final campaign)
  • 30oct : Media Planning final
  • 31oct : Creative Advertising final
  • 1 Nov : Special Topics in Adv final
  • 5 Nov : Media Law final
  • 7 Nov : Media Planning (final presentation)
  • 9 Nov : International Ad final
  • 9 Nov : International Ad deadline
  • 10Nov : Creative Advertising assgnment deadline
  • onwards : am FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This my class schedule (2 weeks before we end our hectic semester). What'ya think?

SEE! am not lying when I said "I'm BZ!" and for that reason, i hate those words such as:-

" ke ko bz ni?"

"ko saje je kan buat2 bz.."

"kitowang lagi a bz..!"

"tak kan a ko bz sgt smpai mcm tu skali.."
or maybe..

"org laenn pon bz jugak.. ade tu..ade ni.. bla bla bla.."
(well, it might be true but ur bz-ness might not as X-treme as ours!)

and the last one

"waaa..jeles aa.. tgk ko xbz..."
(i don't put any hatred on this one but i think it's am not BZ?? definitely a propa! by the time, u see me relax.. it doesn't mean FOREVER.. it's just for a sec of life, i guess... so, don't have to be jealous of me dear.. u've spotted a wrong a person ;D )

For my Advertising classmates... we're alike in our different ways.. maybe we don't realize it..but others find it "YES!" ... bcz we're strong, we're here..

Proud of u and proud of us.. bcz we still have time to reward ourselves with LOTS OF FUN eventhough DEADLINES are just our row of neighbours...

"STRESS: hey, we say NO!" ;)
too lil time... but we're still those delegates at ADASIA ;p

too lil time... but we're always available for the 'SNAP!'

too lil time... but we're still the talents for our own ad!

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