Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm In Luv... with whom..?? Wanna know...??

Hi there.. hows life goin' on there.. i mean after the convocation? now, turn ON ur flashback-minded.. rewind back to the post that I've mentioned that I'm not a movie type.. where totally lost when it comes to the topic of 'MOVIE'... in my view, I just seek for the ending part of the story; either it is a fairy-tale happily ever after thing.. or maybe a tragic sad story with tissues in our hands.. yup, thats what MOVIE really meant to me-the ending part.. not more than that.. but waitt! the good-looking actors will be the bonus point also..(ngee~~)

But my thought of MOVIE..was really changed after I watched this movie.. although it's too late to make-up on something that was already 'basi'.. huhh.. I dun mind at all.. Satisfaction is what I'm seeking for and yeah..I got it! Frankly, I dun eva get bored watching this movie.. 5tymes a day! for a person that so not into movies like me.. it's such a big surprise! For a person who can't hardly wait to know the ending of the story.. It's totally weird to hear that she keeps on repeating the same movie (the same ending for sure)...

TWILIGHT! this is where my craziness lies.. For the first tyme, I'm sooo in luv with movie.. the story line was very good.. not like an ordinary love story...that full of flowers and is more to action-adventure-sweet-modern love story.. The Cullens were great loving vampires happy family.. I like Alice Cullen..the personality and her style.. Edward Cullen? OMG! He's my heartthrob.. I dun like Edward bcuz of the look at the first place (to mention again; the look is the bonus for him..hihi~).. but it is more to how protective he is to Bella.. and not forget to credit on the romantic moments.. the eyes..the smile.. owh..seems like Timberlake had found his rival..hihihi..

I've seen the New Moon's trailer.. the next adventure of Twilight is going to be great.. with warewolves.. owwwoooouuu!! but not sure whether it can replace Twilight in me.. As what I've read thru the New Moon synopsis; Edward will leave Bella and the Cullens will move to a new place far from Forks..and this makes Bella depressed for months and get close to Jacob.. but she still luv Edward.. I have a feeling that I'm going to bring tissues for the New Moon.. sob..sob..sob..

Anyway guys.. juz wait for it this November.. quite a long way to go huhh...
Anyway.. I think that's all from me for now... Good luck for the Final result kayh.. May it will be as nice as a New Moon for the next new semester.... See u later.. Happy Hols ;)


  1. ala i x tgk twilight lg..bile br dpt tgk agaknye? hmmm..

  2. hye beshfrenz..firstly tahniah atas kejayaan anda chewah hee...dah konvo kan..tapi sayang takde bergambar dgn na..segan maklumlah palin cun masa tu hee...oh ye pasal this movie..pewit agak terkejut jugak tau coz..ina tgk movie?kata tak layan untuk meneruskan hobi ina..apa kata layan superman plak hee...ada kuasa jugak hencem pun ada kui3..nanti nk tgk new moon ngn sape tu?bf yek hee taking care ye..selamat bercuti...going back to rawang...yiehaaa he

  3. Amy: U kene tgk taw amy.. I yg xrajin langsung tgk muvie..trus tgk muvie ni,pling kurg pon 3 hari skali.. smpai i dwnload all the soundtrax.. smp begitu sekali..sgt pelik tapi benar.. seriously babe.. u have 2 watch it!

    Ashraf: Haha..New Moon tu xtaw nak tgk ngn sape lg.. maybe g tgk ngn org yg suke muvie ni gak kot.. baru best kan.. ala..bosan a ashraf alik rawang tu.. best cz ade family je.. environment ape pon sume xbest..serius..

  4. waa.....xde credit utk org yg mmberikan demam panas twilight kt kamu?...

    papepon..ako nk emmet cullen!!!!!!!!!!


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