Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oh, my REAL 23...but VIRTUAL surprises!

Last April 29th,

I'm officially became member of 23 CLUB!
following my other buddies ;)

OK! I'm 23 nowwww!!!!

The BEST part of my 23 was...

167 on my FB wall
1 in my PM
20 in my cell-INBOX
9 sweetly FACE to FACE..hee ;D

o-o, I've got Birthday gifts too.. and they're all VIRTUALS!...sweet cupcakes from Zaki, my junior.. @Jacko Produce...

...aww.. DAZZLE me plz, Rob ;) this from my Hungary's friend, @Ildi Csmr.... p/s: I've got this one as my lappie w/paper u knoww... it's soo luvly... thanx babe *hugs*

HEY, I've got a luvly Birthday Song and HOT vid!

...specially dedicated by my classmate/xoxo friend, @MH Ayie Sohaimi from PUALAM band...

...this from my Indonesian friend, @Poppi Dwi Mutiara D thanx babe ;) ...
p/s: 500pcs of ROB?? oh God, I'm BLINK-LESS & BREATH-LESS!

Thanx everyone ;)
I appreciate all these damn much ...
Age is just a number..
but u guys make it a LUCKY one!

Thanx *luvs* *hugs* *kisses*

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