Tuesday, March 16, 2010

yes, it's my RESUME

Weirdooo is it..?
The so-called resume supposed to be formally written (typed)
But mine (ours), it seems totally DIFFERENT!
But by hook or by crook, we have to prepare our resume that way!

When we asked whether is it OK for us to prepare it in usual way?

The only answer we got was this:

*slow-mo + cynical :D*

"Are U applying for the Education Program?"
(Prof Madya Abd. Rahim Salleh, UiTM MassComm Advertising Head of Program-2010)

As U look at my resume, I already blurred my address and phone number
It's too private to reveal OK!
Plus, there must be also the 'un-welcome'



  1. wOw! new style of resumee!! i lOike ;)

  2. tengku aziah: hello tengku :)

    wida aweeda: haha... mcm pelik je kitowg kne wat resume mcm ni..hihi

  3. go away stalker? hahaha.. besar giler ko nyer font. aku baru je first tiime visit blog nih... mcm mls update je. hahahaha..

  4. hahaha.. ko my new blogger friend!
    aku welcome ko with my sweetest smile!!!
    stalker lain wehhhh... tu yg 'un-welcome'
    oooppss!!! hehehe :D


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