Thursday, April 29, 2010

before I END my 22... and everythings END!

There are sooo many
END today!
Could u plz count them for me??

And tell me after u read this till
END, plzzz...
Actually, I don’t know where to start and...
where to END !
Well... should I tell the story till the
Or should I just END it now? Oh plz NO!
U’re too high-
END-ly sweet and...
I don’t want u to be left-END-unanswered,
so, I END up sharing some here, okie!

U know what, today I just END my academic writing
Finally the hectic found its END! Yeayyy :D
Then, I got back my END less –fave part 3 ad-compilation
Still remember??

that magazines cut-END-paste tuuu... heee :D
Okiee, next??
My laundry bag finally meet her Mr. Wash-spin-dry.

Okie now, how bout still in-
END-progress thingy?

Finals END ..
Semesters END ..
Check-in hours in Sec7 PUKOM also going to END ...

Aww.. i hate to
END all these END u knowww...
How bout U???

I’m dead-END sad and scareddd!
Oopps it’s only about 5 hours to END-of-today
The END of my super bittersweet 22!
Who knows, this might be the
END ...
But plz not for the
END of all these luvly relationships :’(
I still don’t wanna
But if it’s already fated to be the
I should END it now..
with my thoughts...
With my of course,
END-less wordsss...
I luv all of U till the END.
Okie, it’s
The END.

*I wrote this while listening to Boyz-2-Men-
END of the road. The song is so luvly, that I feel like END up in grateful tears*


...this my ACADEMIC WRITING front cover...

...awww..this for u, my ADVISOR...

...remember this ONE?...

...yeayyy, I got this one FINALLY...

...but lucky me... I got it for TWO!...

these are all those stuffs that happened to me... a day before I END my 22...

Thanx ya Allah, for giving me the 23...

I'll make BETTER than previous numbers...

Insya-ALLAH.... ;)

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