Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hectics of Ours!

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Hey there, hey everyone!

How's life goin'on?

Me here, everything is going well... am now in Part5. Meaning there's only 1 semester to go before my second GRADUATION! Life's like always... Busy, busy and always busy! But luckily we only have 7 subjects, compared to last semester.. 9 subjects!!!

Even there are only 7 subjects (only??).lol. Deadlines are alwaysss be our BFF, always there for us most days in a week! If deadlines are our BFF, McDonald’s are our best BFF gath-place this semester (in fact, every!

We are those ‘bats’... but oops, I’m the ‘vampire bat’ *giggle* because night is our already-fixed-working-hours. In our team, we pose ourselves with different2 tasks..

Amy-she’s the one who come out with the whole theme/concept of the campaign

Syana- she’s in Media side, forecast all the budget and she’s our slides-artist too :)

Qiela: she’s our newbie, help with the designs and good strategies

Me: My part is the text-related tasks like creating catchy headline, copies and a bit on design

Qiela (black tudung), Amy (short hair), Syana (pink tudung), ME (pink lappie)

Overall, advertising is all about IDEAS... Seriously, we’ve NO IDEA where are those f-ing brilliant IDEAS had gone during the days. They are supposed to be beautifully sparkling rite, at days?? Heee... well, it’s different with night-spending at McDonald’s. Ta-ra-ppa-pa-pa~~

Munch, munch, munch, slrrpp, munch (infinity-ly)

Fries, fries, fries, coke, fries, gossip-ing, fries, coke.....



Most Value-for-Money Meal..since we stay there from dinner to supper and till breakfast!

Nah, that’s how we got those ideas! LIAR?? No Way! That’s the truth, man! Idea is not easily out-of-the-thin-air nor sooo theoretically from the text-books! It’s all from everyone and everything around us... Like me myself, ideas could ‘blink’ when I’m queue-ing for the meal, watching people pass-by, scanning at the meal-menu and even watching the staffs tidy-up our table. See, ideas are everywhere! So now, stop of being Butterfly-Dreamer, but be a very smart ‘Butterfly-Catcher’!

Be a 'Butterfly-Catcher', be a non-stop refilling 'Coffee-Drinker'. It's a KICKSTART!


  1. do u mean 2 say...ur idea is the breakfast special @ mcD? (@_@)

  2. not really... our ideas come in various ways...
    munching & gossiping & slurpping..hihi
    not forgetting, that Mc D breakfast..that help us with the good coffee :D

  3. lol.

    hi i'm syana,
    the one who's love numbers so much!

  4. hihihi...
    i'm ina...
    the one who luvs words, words, and words!
    heee heee~~

    i know u syana..
    who always forcasts 'numbers of good fortune'
    for our team... moshi2 syanana :D


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