Thursday, April 22, 2010

Try Sleeping with Broken Heart!

, I was!
and still, YES I am!

"Have u ever sleep with a broken-heart?
well, u can try sleep in my bed...."

yeah, I know that's the latest from Keys
top of my playlist currently!
but please.. there's nothing to do with lovey-dovey stuffs
it's beyond the 'broken-hearted' thingy...

it's about RESPECT
it's about PRIVACY

that comes from...

tons of HARDWORK
millions of EFFORTS
trillions of kJoule SPENT
non-stop of SECONDS used

but the most important part...


claim your FRIEND's work as yours!
while your FRIEND knew nothing about it!
no call...
nor SMS...
not even a single WORD!
who the hell you think your FRIEND is???

"ala..dia xkan tawu ni.."
or maybe...
"kalau dia tawu pon, die xkisah kot..."

u forgot 1 thing that u supposedly SHOULDN'T!
THE ALMIGHTY is always there..

if your FRIEND knew it from u, it's BETTER...
your FRIEND found out on the 'KANTOI' scene!
oh-oh! UNEXPECTED, is it?

what an entertaining drama..
great story-line
talented star & co-star


I've got a message from your beluved FRIEND

"""""congrats u guys... BOTH OF U did a wonderful job! it was the BEST REALITY SHOW that I've ever watched. One of the reason is... it's not even on AIR! lucky I am for being the first and only audience! U know what, your show was fucking GREAT, that I've wasted PILES OF TEARS whenever I roll-back the scenes! Hey friends, I think we need a lil' celebration since your SHOW was damn SUPERB! aaahh, c'mon my CELEBRITIES, let's have a lil chill like we usually did... remember??? aww.. shit! I forgot something DEARY! maybe we should postpone our CHILLY-THINGY stuffs for a while.. I've got a lot
of THINGS to do.. hope u understand, coz I'm just as GODDAMN BUSY as what u've told me EARLIER! LOL :D awww...don't get mad at me plz! OK OK, how bout vaccay?? remember, you SHOWED a brochure when we ACCIDENTALLY met at the printing house.. yeah, that vaccay BROCHURE! I CRIED u know when I flip thru the BROCHURE... all I can say is "YA ALLAH, DON'T LET THE TEARS FALL NOW! NOT NOW PLZ!!.." when I first saw that BROCHURE in your hands! *crying again*. what??? u still not remember which BROCHURE? It's okie darlingsss, I've got a COPY of mine... hope U'll remeber kayh? this is the ONLY BROCHURE THAT MAKES ME NON-STOP CRYING FOR 2 OR 3 DAYS..ah, it's NOT A MATTER to u, rite?... and u know what, when I wrote u this.. I STILL HAVE THAT BROCHURE IN MY HANDS.. owh I just can't put it off! and the worst part.. I'M STILL CRYING....""

my last word:

HOW COULD U...????


  1. ina,

    tu la, semua yang berlaku ada hikmah dia.
    if you tak pergi print lambat-lambat. this thing u tak akan tau sampai bila-bila kan?

    hebat betul kuasa Allah.
    Allah maha mengetahui yang ina buat benda ni ALONE tanpa bantuan group members yang lain.Dia tak sanggup nak tengok ina kena tipu.

    That's why Allah tunjuk kejadian ni.


    For those who may terasa:
    tak sangka kan. padahal malam sebelum tu, kita gurau2 senda. Kalau la, u bagitau ina tentang hal ni on that nite, mesti tak jadi cam ni.


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