Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lets invade my workspace!

Not just my workspace but my second home.
Lets check-out and be my most-honored guest.
Welcome :)

Add ImageMission: Change wallpaper every week, as referred to my weekly movie-watching activity (salah satu cara utk galakkan aku tgk movie. Ye laa.. movies are the best references apart from observations and experiences kan!)

OK, there's a sanitizer, sticky (magnetic) notes, first campaign project (Astro Kelapa), an epic kalendar kuda, 2 puss-in-boots, Prego bookmark and tiny Alien sticker. And the precious balm from Syanana, from Cambodia gittuu... sesuai digunakan bila pening2. hehe.

Got this polka-dot thingy from the Secret Santa last Christmas. Yes, it's my fave mug, where I used to drink 3litres plain water/day!

Kedai runcit & mini-library. Stock2 makanan utk breakfast, snacking-time atau stay back time! Weehoo at least takde laa kebuluran kan?? (Tapi ketika gambar diambil, stock alas perut belum di-refill lagi)

Ha! yang ni Pinx-space. Nak tahu kenapa? Cuba tgk betul2, everythings here are my faves; polka dot, hairband, headgear, glitteries, merry-colored notes and mini card with wise quote from my colleague (got it during our Chillis chill-creative-nite-out).

Fresh from the oven. Ilustrasi menarik dari Maman. Macam ni lah tugas harian aku. Kadang2 klu aku siap headline + copy, aku share dulu kat Art Director. Tapi, kalau visual siap dulu, aku akan buat headline + copy based on the visuals. So, what say u?

Di mataku:
My life is colorful! There's always a new color added everyday.
Alhamdulillah...I've got the chance to do what I really luv.
My last words ...

"Go wherever your PASSION leads u to. Then, the PATIENCE will come along."

InsyaAllah :)

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